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Credit Cards - Consumer experience​

Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can’t show the bulk of my work that I did at Scotiabank in Peru, so for now, I'll share some brief notes about one of the projects I worked on during the ~3 years I contracted there. Working in the Credit Cards' team of a bank that has placed near 500 000 credit cards in the market was an incredibly rich experience. The main focus of my team was to enhance the customer experience. 

Credit Cards are one of the most complex products of the bank. When it comes to design and propose solutions to enhance the customer experience, there are different layers to deal with such as the financial system regulations, the security, the company policies, and the systems involved in the product itself (acquirers, payment processors, etc).

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One of the most impactful projects I worked on was aimed at researching new tendencies and enhance the experience of credit card customers. My team and I designed a solution for customers to set up the functionalities of their credit cards as turning on/off the usage of the card, online payments, international payments, and cash usage by themselves and in real-time. In this project, I assumed the role of Product Owner. I loved this project because it’s something that genuinely makes people’s lives easier and ensures their credit card security.

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Research and requirements gathering

When customers wanted to enable the online payments, international payments or cash usage in their credit cards, they needed to make a mandatory call to the bank and then wait one day to enable these services. We found an opportunity here and thought, why if customers could enable these services by themselves using the mobile app or the online home banking? 

After researching processes and exploring some third-party solutions, we decided to develop this new functionality by ourselves. We needed to change processes with the payment processors, develop web services to enable online changes in the credit cards and adding the functionality to the mobile app and online home banking.


I designed the flow of all the processes that needed to change, the systems involved and the financial necessities for the project. Then, my managers and I sustained the project and we had the approval of the CEO of the company to develop it.  

Design Thinking

Supported by Visa and Mastercard, we performed design thinking sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the teams involved in the project and how we could deliver this functionality to the customers. We conducted this session with different teams such as TI, product owners, and usability experts. Based on the insights from this session, I designed the mockups of the screens of the mobile app and online home banking with the new functionality.

User evaluation

The mockups were taken by UX experts and they developed prototypes for the mobile app to perform user evaluations. We performed 3 iterations of usability tests with 5 users each round in order to analyze the requirements and the value of the product that we were proposing. I assumed the role of observer in these sessions.  


As a Product Owner, I had to deal with different teams in the development process. There were different developments that needed to be done in the payment processors systems, in the core functionality of the issuer (in this case, the bank itself) and the online communication between the processors and the issuers. Then the front-end development of the mobile app was taken by the Bank's Digital Factory.

Another thing that I learn from working in a big company is that timing is not always according to the plan since there are other ongoing developments that affect the same systems and your developments have to wait for their turn. Unfortunately, I could not see the project available in the market yet because I moved to Miami to start my graduate studies. 

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